Horses and Livestock

The Ranch accommodates many horses and cattle for the purpose of breeding. There are always offspring having the chance to observe the small and big animals attended by experienced staff. By that you may feel the fascination and calmness which these animals are spreading. You can if you wish so work on the ranch instructed by our personnel! There are countless motifs for photographers around animating to take pictures. Horses and Livestock

For beginners we offer courses in horseback riding by a professional trainer. For advanced equestrians half-, full or even more day rides on our robust Huzule race horses can be arranged and attended by our trainer coming back to the base and stable each evening. The terrain  is ideally suiting for riders, nature freaks and people searching for recreation.

Moreover, we take care of your horse/foal on a full time basis and offer horse lodging. Spacious boxes and paddocks in the immediate vicinity guarantee well feeling and optimal care for your horse.

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